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Aerospace Documentation Management intern

  • Intern
  • Full time
  • 08040, Barcelona, Spain
  • Flying Vehicles

About Pangea Aerospace:

Pangea Aerospace is an aerospace start-up based in Barcelona and Toulouse focusing on developing disruptive technologies for small satellite launch vehicles. We are searching for new team members that want to contribute on creating the next generation of launchers.

Our mission is to develop the technology that enables a more efficient, sustainable, and commercial access to space. The company successfully tested a world’s first 3D-printed aerospike engine, introducing several new technologies into its design. Pangea Aerospace is leading the development of innovative launcher technology making reusable rockets the catalyst for sustainable and low-cost access to space.

We are looking for open-minded, driven and talented professionals to join our international team in Barcelona.

Pangea Aerospace is privately funded, supported by national and European institutions and a strong network of European partners.

About your job:

Do you want to learn about an innovative rocket development? Do you want to be part of our project, structuring our documetnation and knowledge?

Your main responsibility will be to work towards structuring and maintaining the engineering documentation at Pangea Aerospace, especially within the Flying Vehicle Department. In this transversal role, you will interacting with many different people from various fields of engineering in order to collect the information you need, and to inform them about the information they might need.

Your challenges and responsibilities:

  • Putting order in the company’s engineering folders, and in other tools/databases used to store engineering documentation, by e.g. implementing and maintaining a file-naming scheme.
  • Keeping track of the system requirements and the related documents, reviewing them, and making sure that all collaborators are respecting the requirements.
  • Managing interfaces between subsystems and the related interface documents.
  • Performing general studies for and assisting with the writing of technical documentation such as requirements & validation plans, CONOPs documents, trade-off studies, etc.
  • Writing and maintaining other various engineering-related documentation as well such as vehicle user manuals, operation lists, supplier lists, etc.
  • Keeping all the documents up to date, as well as setting up a system for and maintaining a list of interconnected documents summarizing the overall parameters etc. of the entire system.
  • Making sure all relevant documents are available to the relevant collaborators.
  • Interfacing with all fields of engineering in a multi-disciplinary team to advance the progress of the entire system.
  • Supporting in general the work related to the launch vehicle & recovery system development on-going at Pangea Aerospace, also when relating to European and/or international projects that Pangea Aerospace are involved in.

What you need to be successful:

  • Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or related field.
  • Experience of documentation management is highly meritorious.
  • Experience in working with requirements, interfaces, and standards, e.g. ECSS, is highly meritorious.
  • General understanding of aerospace related documents, e.g. CONOPS documents, is meritorious.
  • General understanding of launch vehicles or aerospace projects is meritorious.
  • Good general experience within various fields of engineering.
  • Good at communication.
  • Organized mindset.: good sense of documentation, information management & archiving

Our working environment:

  • Capable of working in a flexible, open-minded, and multi-cultural environment.
  • Passionate about your work and willing to both teach and learn.
  • Start-up mindset.
  • Creative and with experience in overcoming failure.