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  • Senior Systems Engineer & Lead System Designer

Senior Systems Engineer & Lead System Designer

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  • 08018, Barcelona, Spain
  • Flying Vehicles

About Pangea Aerospace:

Pangea Aerospace is an aerospace start-up based in Barcelona focusing on developing disruptive technologies for small satellite launch vehicles. We are searching for new team members that want to contribute on creating the next generation of launchers.

Our mission is to develop the technology that enables a more efficient, sustainable, and commercial access to space. The company successfully tested a world’s first 3D printed aerospike engine, introducing several new technologies into its design. Pangea Aerospace is leading the development of innovative launcher technology making reusable rockets the catalyst for sustainable and low-cost access to space.

We are looking for open-minded, driven and talented professionals to join our international team in Barcelona.

Pangea Aerospace is privately funded, supported by national and European institutions and a strong network of European partners.

About your job:

You would take a leading role for the development of the overall launch vehicle system, and one of the leading roles at Pangea Aerospace overall, by being the main systems engineer and main coordinator of the launch vehicle’s development and the launch vehicle’s various subsystems, including avionics, structure, recovery system, auxiliary systems, RACS, main propulsion, etc. You would also act as one of the lead system designers of the entire vehicle, making top-level decisions in regards to the preferred system solutions, trade-offs between possible options, setting design constraints based on circumstances and experience, etc. Therefore, you must be completely comfortable with working independently, leading others, and taking independent decisions, and you should have experience and know-how of similar projects from the past that you can bring to the company. You will have to define your own work to a large degree, and you are expected to come with new ideas and implement changes to the way the work is done at Pangea Aerospace based on your own experiences. Together with the Project Manager and Heads of Department you will define the entire project development timeline, determine which additional tools, roles, or resources would be needed for the project, define budgets and milestones, etc. You will have to guide the development of the system to a high degree, and you should have a good capacity for leadership. This position is considered a high-level and managerial position at Pangea Aerospace, and you should have had some years of experience from relevant projects at a relevant company beforehand. In this role you will be one of the top design authorities for the entire MESO launch vehicle, and the role will involve substantial responsibility, but also the substantial freedom of defining your own project and developing a next generation launch vehicle.

Your challenges and responsibilities:

· Lead the vehicle concept development considering an overall system perspective.

· Manage and take ownership of a multidisciplinary System Model based on collaborative/concurrent working approaches.

· Keep track of overall system parameters, such as mass, CoG, expected cost etc. and make sure they are in line with the requirements.

· Lead the Requirements Engineering process.

· Define new vehicle/system and subsystem requirements based on the mission objectives, including functional, performance, design and operational requirements.

· Keep track of the requirements making sure that all project collaborators are respecting the requirements.

· Keep track of the verification status of the system and subsystem requirements and define the proper verification tests to be performed.

· Support the creation of CONOPS documents and other technical documentation, e.g. ICDs, technical and operational trade-off studies etc.

· Lead the Document and Knowledge Management processes.

· Lead the work to integrate the results of the project to a functional whole, also taking into account secondary factors such as maintainability, logistics, reliability etc.

· Take responsibility for the functional development of the entire system, and make sure that the ultimate product will satisfy all requirements.

· Validate the suitability of the design concept in regard to the requirements.

· Create high level conceptual designs, architectures, and block diagrams of systems and subsystems.

· Perform additional research and literature studies into specific subsystems in order to enable the creation of requirements, conceptual designs, mass budgets, etc., as required.

· Bring in top-level expertise and know-how to Pangea Aerospace, and contribute with your experience and know-how in flying vehicle and/or launch vehicle development to help define the project processes, timelines, budgets, etc.

· Assist with managing a team of engineers at the company

What you need to be successful:

· Master’s degree in aerospace engineering or related field

· 5 years or more experience of systems engineering for flying vehicles or launch vehicles

· Experience in the implementation of ECSS documents

· Strong understanding of engineering fundamentals and many other fields of engineering, such as Flight Mechanics & Atmospheric Flight, Supersonic Flight, GNC & Control theory, Solid Mechanics & Structures, etc., especially when applied to flying vehicles or launch vehicles

· Experience working as a leading role in large teams and complex projects

· Programming skills in e.g. Python / Matlab / Octave, or in a similar high-level language is beneficial

· Knowledge of reusable space transportation systems, reentry and aerothermodynamics, and/or astrodynamics is meritorious

· Hands-on and in-depth experience with development of flying vehicles or launch vehicles

· Experience in the use of Collaborative Engineering tools (i.e. Valispace, CDP4, OCDT)

· Capable of working in a flexible, open-minded, and multi-cultural environment

· Passionate about your work and willing to both teach and learn

· Start-up mindset

· Creative and with experience in overcoming failure

· Fluent English